Monday, December 8, 2014

2014 Year in Review

It's been a wonderful year!

Winter, 2014

Alex turned 17 years old.

Faith turned eight years old.

Lots of SNOW!

Missy turned 40 - on the biggest snow day!  
We celebrated by playing in the snow and eating salsa.

Alex played Rapunzel in the school musical, "Into the Woods."

Jake became a Webelo in Boy Scouts.

Caleb turned six years old.

He got his first bike.

Nana came to visit for Spring Break.

Keith coached lots of soccer.

Boy Scout Pinewood Derby - Jake went to Regionals.

Fun around the area - we love the mountains!

Alex went to prom.

Lindsey & Keith went on their own date.

Jake turned ten years old.

He got the lead in the church musical.

Faith looked like a movie-star.

Caleb took his role very seriously.

We had a fabulous family vacation!

Keith had a birthday, too!

The little children went to Missouri for a week with Nana & Papa.

Alex had her first summer job, waitressing at a tea room.

Lindsey volunteered at the hospital this summer.

Missy got together with her college friends @ Liberty!

Back to school.
We had one in 1st grade, one in 12th grade as well as 3rd, 5th and 10th this year!  Whew!

Alex's last, first day of high school!

Lindsey turned 15 years old!

Faith started gymnastics and loves it.  

Caleb played flag football.  They did not win one game.  

Nana came to visit for her birthday!

We had an astronaut, a ninja warrior and the Eiffel Tower for Halloween.

We got our fireplace fixed.

We got to see old friends.

We gave thanks with lots of our family in town.