Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Flowers

As the summer winds down, our zinnias are OUT OF CONTROL! We often spend time cutting them for indoor bouquets and saving the seeds for next year. Faith and Jake just love these simple gardening tasks and we enjoy the time together.
Basket Bouquet to Bring Inside
Quick Kiss!
Jake, too, loves the flowers - he's my little gardener.
"Would you like one?"
Busy girl

Does anyone needs seeds for 2010?

Splash Country!

Cooling Off!
Daddy an Caleb on the Slide
Checking it all out
Having Fun
We got to go to Dollywood Splash Country several times this summer...maybe once more before they close after Labor Day.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Family Love

Sisters who don't get to be together often enough. Sweet Memories!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Jake's first day at school! Walking up with Daddy

Outside his classroom - getting a little nervous...
Last minute loves from Mommy
Jake was excited, but a little uncertain. His teacher, Ms. Clark, welcomed him and we helped him get organized in his cubby. He found his little desk spot with his name, and also saw his name on a bulletin board. Jake decided to play with some tinker toys/building set first and another boy quickly came to join him. I know he'll enjoy a great day.
I can't wait to pick him up already!

Monday, August 3, 2009


The Martens came to visit from Missouri ... it's always so fun to see the cousins all together (but very hard to capture all six in a photo!)

Up to Gatlinburg

Nana is the best!

Everyone rode the chair lift up the mountain.
Mindy's chair photo is supposed to go here, but is showing up at top of blog...sorry!

Anna & Ellie
Anna & Faith share a cupcake.
Big fun on the climbing wall!
Anna & Faith Pony Rides
Aunt Mindy & Caleb in Nana's Garden
The annual "Teddy Bear Picnic"
Over to the Penner Home
No more girly toys, the boy toys were a hit!
We're so glad we got to visit!

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