Monday, July 27, 2009


We are so thankful to have season passes to Dollywood this year! We like to arrive in the late afternoon and enjoy the evening with cooler temps and shorter lines.
Faith enjoying the Merry-Go-Round...she always chooses the pig to ride because it is pink.

All three got to ride the Bumble Bees!

The Scrambler is Faith's Favorite! Jake loves it, too.

Faith makes sure Caleb is alright on the Lucky Ducks.

Caleb loves the Piggy Parade proud to be riding alone!

Jake on the Carousel.

Monday, July 13, 2009

More Summer Fun

Nothing says SUMMER like a backyard wading pool!
Double Trouble
Big Splash!

Wild Woman

Jake has started climbing ontop of our mailbox (about 5 feet high).

Independence Day

Ready for Sparklers, Tanks and other At-Home Fireworks
Can you tell how much they loved it?

A very independent soul!
(trust me, he is!)

Summer Days

A favorite summer activity is going to our beloved Smoky Mountains where we have a picnic, wade in the Little River and spend unmeasured time tossing stones into the water. I hope they always remember these carefree days in nature.
Sweet Faith


Caleb is learning to love throwing rocks into the river.

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