Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh No!

While talking on the phone with Mindy, I saw the evidence...
Faith & Jake heard me schedule a haircut for Faith tomorrow evening and beat me to the punch!
It was SHORT (to the ears) on the right and left sides, the piggy tail cut off.
Thankfully, my hair salon took us as a last minute walk-in, even though they usually close at 5:00 pm (it was 5:25 when we arrived).
She's cute, of course, but I was thinking of a trim, just below the shoulder blades.
We ended up with and earlobe-length bob.
Here's a recent "before" picture:
She is worried that she looks "silly" and I assured her she does not.  Truly, she looks cute and quite grown up.  I'm sure it will be much easier to maintain and it looks surprisingly thick with all the stragly ends cut off.  As I stroked her head, secretly missing the long locks, I thought of the mothers who have little ones that lost their hair from cancer treatment.  Our cousin donates her hair to a "Locks of Love" charity and I'm grateful for my little girl's health and even her new pixie hairdo - still, it is a shocking change!

UPDATE: Faith has confessed that she cut her own hair.  It's growing on me, now and it super-easy to style for summer.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


When I lived in Georgia, Amy was my first friend.  Our families became close through working together both at church and employment, as well as various life seasons.  I was so glad when she said they were coming to the Smoky Mountains for a cabin getaway!
The whole Saylor Clan was there, but this is Amy's immediate family:
Johnny, Amy & Daniel

My sweet Caleb
Sweet Faith
Fishing was the theme - Jake loved it!
Jonah loved the worms - ewww!
There was fishing success!

It was a little boy paradise.

Then there was pizza & hot tub time.

Caleb loved the hot tub!
Amy, thank you for sharing so much of your life with me - I'm better for having you as a friend.
It's sweet how our Lord knows just what we need and provides abundantly.  I wish I could insert a photo of Amy and I ten years ago...but I wasn't digital then - oh well, she hasn't changed a bit!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Fair Park

We were able to go Knoxville's World Fair Park over the weekend.  There is a lot to do with water fountains, playgrounds, music, vendors, inflatables and more. 
Jake was ready to jump right in!
Faith was content to snack on the sidelines
Then she wanted to join the fun.

Notice how Faith is leaping up in the photo below - I love it!
Such good times!

Caleb's face describes what he thought of the fountains.  "Don't like it," he kept repeating.
Then he wandered...
That little speck - yes, that's him.  Mommy was watching the whole time, I was just sure he would get insecure and come back on his own.  But I finally had to shout, "Too far!  Too far!"

We headed over to a playground to wrap things up.
They get so blonde in the summertime!

Swim Lessons

Do you see the ornery smirk on this girl's face?
Faith demonstrates her strong will at the pool and last week she literally ran screaming around the pool when it was time to put her nose and face under water...I was ready to put off her lessons till next year, but gave her one more week to try.  And it went great!  She was very cooperative and even went under water without drama. 

Jake is usually eager to please and is excelling - he was pushing off the wall and swimming on his own a bit this week!  I'm so glad!

The instructor is trying to instill keeping those legs behind instead of dangling underneath.

Eyes are to be in the water, looking down - we're working on it.

Caleb wants to be part of the action!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Luciousness

Bee Balm was our first flower from "scratch" this year.
By 'scratch,' I mean that we grew from the ground up - not counting the already blooming impatiens and geraniums purchased from the garden center.  By the way, did you know Lowe's has a clearance on plants that are not in their prime?  I discovered the section this month and got some perennials for under $1.

And here is our first zinnia from last year's seeds.  Soon we should have lots of these! We also planted marigolds and sunflowers.  Oh and the repeated years of morning glories.

Along our back fence, the neighbors have peach and plum trees.
We get to have whatever dangles over to our side - aren't they pretty?

The plums aren't yet ripe.

Jake started a greenhouse in kindergarten where he planted green beans and pumpkin.
We actually did plant them in the ground and there are green beans ripening!  He's quite pleased, we put his "greenhouse" out by his spot to mark his efforts.  Even the pumpkin vine is taking root...and he is sure we will harvest our own Halloween pumpkins.  Mommy's feeling the pressure!

We will have cherry tomatoes soon.
Faith opted to plant zuchini and I don't have a photo - no flowers on it yet.
A last look at the peaches, I just think they're so pretty!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm so glad that Jake gets to go to VBS this week!  Thanks to my flexbile work and a friend who has returned him home each day.  He is LOVING it!  VBS just happens to be western themed and appeals to my little cowboy!  Jake goes to work with me, then I drive him over to VBS.
He loves the excuse to wear his boots.

Sorry for the blur, here's Jake doing the motions!

This is Cowboy Carl and Cowgirl Kris.

Tough guy at the campfire (classroom)
Time to head home for lunch!
I'm so very thankful that Jake is having so much fun.  He keeps telling me that Jesus is already in his heart and he remembers a great deal of what he is learning.  I'm grateful that church is so positive for him!

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