Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vacation Memories

This is my last post of vacation memories...I've spent the week getting organized for BACK TO SCHOOL which starts next week.  I'm not declaring that summer is over, though our schedule will change.  Here's the last of our hurrah with fun from Florida:

Lots of pool-time fun!

I love this photo of Nana & Papa on the beach ... that's our little umbrella space in the background.

I wish I was in Jake's chair on the beach RIGHT NOW!

Feeding the Fish...

Can you see these fish?  They were so thick!

After the turtle event, Faith was dedicated to building turtle houses in the sand - so diligent!

Hot dogs and strawberry soda on the deck - very classy

What great vacation memories we shared!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wildlife With a Video

 Loggerhead hatchling crawling through the sand.While we were in Florida, we saw little spots roped off, which we learned were turtle nests.  We knew not to bother these endangered animal spaces.  We were thrilled when conservationists arrived to check the nests and were glad to share the experience with us.  We were even MORE excited when there was a lone baby turtle who had not yet gone to the sea.  They let us hold it, watch it move through the sand and feel the hatched eggs - so interesting!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seriously Summer!

Recently we all got to escape for vacation!  It was Caleb's first time on a plane, he did great.  To me, there is nothing that conjures images of summer like the beach -

Excitement at seeing the ocean!

Handsome Boy!

Beautiful Girl!

Sunshine Galore

Arms Full

Caleb got braver about the waves.

Jake learned to boogie board - he loved it and did great!

Mommy got to relax.

I'm so thankful for the fun, carefree memories!  Thank you to Nana & Papa for sharing your condo and your vacation.  This was just so wonderful!

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