Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We made it through our weekend of swine flu and strep throat...poor Jake had it the worst with high fevers, aches and much fatigue. Little Caleb also caught the flu, but didn't seem to suffer as badly. We've been fever free for more than forty-eight hours now and all are well. It's awful to
This is see my little ones sick!

This is Jake laying on the sofa with his KU blanket watching LOTS of dvd's. His eyes were so dark and sad!

PS - swine flu wasn't the horrible event that the media made it out to be...thankfully no sick stomache, just fever, cough and aches.

We're still on antibiotics and Tamiflu.

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brittany said...

Oh no! Didn't know you all were sick with the yucky flu! I'm glad you've all recovered!

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