Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Faith was Corinne - the Three Musketeer Barbie, complete with cape and sword (borrowed from Jake). The outfit was just HUGE on her, and at first she kept tripping...so I put safety pins all around the waist, the shoulders and back. Then she felt so itchy that we had to take it all off and put on an undershirt.
It was worth it, don't you think? Jake was Buzz Lightyear. We want to go see Toy Story in 3D. I couldn't get the "to infinity and beyond" pose.
Caleb was Buzz's sidekick, Woody (Toy Story fans know this). Those are his silkies in his bucket - the best treat ever! For those who don't know, Caleb carries his silkies everywhere...and asks for them, if missing. He needs one in each hand for sleeping.
Our first trick-or-treating house.

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