Tuesday, August 2, 2011

School Days!

Faith started Kindergarten today!
She looks so sweet and so big here. 

I know Faith will thrive at Kindergarten and I'm excited for her to go because I know she will just love it.  I didn't get weepy at all!

Here's Jake - ready for 2nd Grade.

I just love this of the two of them - look how Faith reached for Jake's hand...just a little bit nervous.

Happy kiddos and a proud mama!

Caleb got to go back to "Church-school" today after a two week break.  He wanted his picture taken, too - and can you tell he is proud of his new lunchbox?

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Cardinal Fan said...


Just took a moment to check in on your blog. Thanks for the great pictures of the children! They look great--so proud. We are proud of them too, and more so of you. You are doing a great job of guiding them through these turbulent years with grace and love.

Love to you all,
Uncle Keith

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