Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Fall Fun

Last year we took our first fall carriage ride.  It was so enjoyable and lovely that I wanted to do it again.

Then we headed to our regular trail and picnic spot for a little hike.

In the background is the waterfall Jake built with Papa.

The trail was covered with leaves and I enjoyed the crunchy sound!

In the summertime, this is our "Mountain Slip N Slide."

This time, Caleb and Jake floated leaves down instead of sliding.

It was a banner day for faces ... I've got plenty of that I didn't post.

I loved watching the boys really get into a leaf fight - didn't get great photos, but the memory is fantastic.

We still had three tadpoles that were halfway transformed, so I decided it was time to release them at the duck pond.  Here we are saying Bye!

We had a busy, full, fun day - mostly spent outdoors which is just what I love.  

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