Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Christmas Story...

I really wish I had one of those outdoor nativity scenes that gently glowed at night...this mommy is doing my best to keep Christ at the center of our Christmas.  We went to "A Walk Through Bethlehem" for the first time this year.  It was so cool!  Jake and Faith got to make ornaments at the pottery barn, bracelets at the jewelery shop, see camels, donkeys and lots of goats.  The romans took our census info when we entered and some old men from a far country kept asking where the new king was.  Just around the corner from the no-vacancy inn was a cave-like stable with Mary, Joseph and a very new little baby.  Jake discovered the angel above and it was great to see Bethlehem brought to life that way...now Jake and Faith can imagine what times were like when Jesus was born. 

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.  Since I don't have my great outdoor nativity to proclaim to my neighbors what I believe Christmas is really all about, I do have several in my home.

This year we are attending the The Living Christmas Tree, we chose and purchased gifts for some children on the Angel Tree and donated some of our used toys.  We also prepared boxes for the Operation Christmas Child.  We are learning that Christmas is about giving and the greatest gift of all is Jesus.  We are considering the Advent Conspiracy and doing our best not to let Christmas become a festival of consumerism.

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