Tuesday, December 29, 2009


"Santa" handed out the presents:

Everyone was super excited!

Faith got another doll set.

Caleb received so many balls.

Jake was thrilled with his Nerf gun

and his Rescue Hero tower.

Caleb stole Jake's walkie talkie...but not for long.

Jake and Faith loved the play dough ice cream maker.

Faith was so excited to have a PINK Leapster.

She quickly showed Caleb how to use Jake's BLUE Leapster.

Jake was busy with his new cowboys and soldiers.

Faith was so excited to have a big girl bike and has made a track around our dining table.

Jake adores the new family Wii.

Caleb is excited about his potty chair...but doesn't realize what this is for.

Now you can guess what one of my goals will be for the New Year!

Happy 2010 - I'm off to visit my sister and family in Missouri! 

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