Monday, March 1, 2010

Party On

More birthday fun!  Presents at home -
A new 'Plasma Car' to ride around the house
(can't wait for warmer weather!)
Cupcake fun at Chuck E Cheese
What a great smile!
Faith and friend, Emma
Caleb and friend, Christian
Toddler fun!
Zeke rides the wheels!
Birthday Boys: Eli, Caleb & Gabe
Here they are last year - 2009
Mommy loves the birthday boy!
We had so much fun with Nana and Papa.
Today we go for two-year-old check up and I'll update Caleb's growth. 

UPDATE: Caleb at 2 years -
28.2 lb
36 inches
(heavy & tall)

We are hoping that spring is just around the corner!

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