Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

Caleb Wade, February 25, 2008
8lb, 4oz.
This was the first time I held you.  I remember it seemed to take SO LONG for the nurses to clean and check you out and I was getting so frustrated!  Finally, you arrived in my arms.
It's hard to remember you were this small.
First birthday, one year ago!
And today you're such a big boy!

At two years old Caleb:

 Talks and talks, about many things.  You answer questions, you chatter to your toys and friends and you love to tattle on your brother & sister.

 Is super-social, enjoys going to church, parents day out, the "Popcorn Store" (Target) and anything outdoors.

Enjoys his silkies, big trucks and Thomas the Train.

Still sleeps well during naps and nighttime.

Wears undies for short periods, but doesn't seek a potty when it's time to go!

Likes to read books, sing and jump - very active!

Is an easy-going but strong-willed little guy who is always ready for adventure.

I made froggie cupcakes to take to his Parents Day Out today and this evening we are meeting friends at Chuck E. Cheese. Tomorrow we get to visit with the grandparents - I'll post more photos after our celebrations.

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