Thursday, July 15, 2010

Night Out

If you have come to visit, we've probably taken you to Gondoliers .  Everything is delicious with a Greek ethnic background.  Yum!  The children love the "cheesy pizza" and breadsticks. 

Did you know that the back of Tony's pizzas have free bowling coupons?
We've cut out several and looked up a local bowling alley.

Lately several people have asked if Faith and Caleb are twins ... this is the first time I could see why.  I think Faith's haircut and similar size really make them like they may be the same age!

Okay, so bowling gets photos from the backside...I'll try to remember that next time.

Caleb was especially into it and quite aggressive.  Twice he didn't wait his turn and bowled in the next lane over.  Sorry workers.
But, this two year old did score two spares with no help from Mommy! 

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