Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting Out

On this day, I needed to get outside just as much as the children. 

We are SO blessed to be close to fantastic outdoor activities!

We love our Smoky Mountains - Nana found a caterpillar/worm?

Faith was appropriately squeamish.

Jake loved it.
Inching along...

Mommy and Caleb

What a cute image of "Hide & Seek."
Faith is counting, Jake is hiding.

We stopped to see these falls:
I think it is Meigs Falls.

Later the same day we got to go to the park!

Faith is so proud of  her hand-me-downs from Audrey...
I hope this lasts!
(Mindy do you recognize?  Thank you!)

Caleb did the "Tube Slide" alone for the first time this day.

Swinging is always the best!
I'm so glad the little ones had a great day!

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