Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm so excited!

Liberty Homecoming Reunion - 2005, Lynchburg, VA

2007 - Gatlinburg, TN

2009 - Charlotte, NC

2010 - Austin, TX - Here we come!

Though we haven't lived in the same state for years, we have done so much life together.
Leslie, Anita, Lacy & Renee - I'm so excited to spend this weekend with you!

Jake thinks it is SO cool that Mommy is going to Texas.


Pam said...

I'm so jealous you guys get to see each other. I think it is wonderful that you have made it a priority in your lives to continue to keep in touch...enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

Missy said...

Hi, Pam! I *see* you on FB and you look super busy. I still can't believe we were all able to get away together. It was wonderful. Write again soon - I love to hear from friends.

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