Tuesday, September 7, 2010

True Friends

I'm still a little amazed that five mothers (ahem, 14 children among us!) from all over the country were able to escape to Texas this Labor Day weekend.

Missy, Leslie, Anita, Renee & Lacy

We always call each other roommates, but we only lived together for one college year.

Leslie & Anita

Renee & Lacy
Lacy & Anita

Austin is Renee's hometown and she hosted us in style!
We loved the Oasis.

Anita is expecting baby #3, a girl!
We had fun getting the new little one some tiny infant things.

Renee with her sweet boys at church. 
It was my first time to meet Cason & Braden - they are SWEET.

We loved Renee's church - Gateway Church.

Lacy Peacock!

The best was just the togetherness.
Lacy & Renee have birthdays this week.
We all enjoyed the cake.

I cannot number the many "Bahama Snow Shack" treats we enjoyed in college -
Of course, we indulged once again.

Most importantly, we had time and space to just do what friends enjoy most:
sharing old memories,
watching corny movies (and narrating),
relax at the pool and have unrushed times,
crying some, laughing lots!

Eating, sharing, comparing, encouraging -

We really know each other, and it only deepens our bond.
I love these women!

Thank you, Renee, for letting us invade your space and treating us so very well.  I am ever grateful for your friendship!

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