Monday, January 31, 2011


This week I'm saying bye-bye to several of the last vestiges of babies in my home.  Craigslist is where I'm selling some booster seats, baby storage items, a gliding ottoman and other things we no longer use and have long since run out of space to store.  I also had a chance to donate some things to our local Goodwill.

Every last little bit of money we earn from these little sales is designated to the purchase of a wooden playset for the backyard!  Even the recent birthday money (thank you, Grandma & Grandpa).  I would love to find a used one to purchase, and I'm certainly going to need help putting it together.

I also had to say "Bye" to my mother who was in town mostly since Christmas.  I miss her already!  She is such an encouragement to me, my personal cheerleader and makes anything seem possible. 

We love you and miss you.

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Jennifer said...

beautiful picture of you and your mom Missy!
Also, let me know what baby stuff you are selling!

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