Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This is never a good sign...

Caleb is tall enough to reach the top of his dresser now and he decided he needed some baby powder ... a whole lot!  Oh, and the CD player needed some, too!  Oh dear - believe it or not, this CD player did clean up and is still functioning.

Faith enjoys all things creative.  This is from the Easy Bake Oven - I never did have one of these as a child, but she loves hers!

Everyday I come home to her artwork laid out on my bed - so sweet!

Mrs. Donna (our sitter) brought this to our sweet girl!

Faith's Monster Creations

Jake is almost fully recovered and we just finished all the make-up work from missing a week of school after his tonsillectomy. It was a rough recovery, but we're doing great now. Nana got to visit last week and we stayed busy and enjoyed many fun times. More photos coming soon!

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