Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our New Year Journey...

I took the children to visit our family in Missouri for
our last holiday hurrah.
We hit the Incredible Pizza Company with our crowd.

The competition was intense.

The fun was evident.

Look, no hands!

Cool Rider

Happy New Year!

Oh wait, more Christmas...

We enjoyed lots of of fun things together...


puppy love,


family love,

family competition,

joined by grandma!

Jake and great Grandma.

serious Wii intensity.

Sleepover Style with Grandma.

Grandma & Me.

We visited Nana & Papa's temporary apartment.

Also visited Bass Pro Shop

We loved this giant fireplace!

The fish and wildlife were so exciting!

There is always lots to do at the cousins house...

Faith became a diva!

Jake loved all the action items.

It was fun to just be together!

There is nothing like having a sister!

And if you think this picture looks fun, you would have enjoyed the 12 hour ride with 3 chidlren!

Thank you, Lord for safety and built-in DVD's!

Monday monring when I got back into the van for work...I had a totally flat tire.  I'm so grateful it didn't happen along our way home!  I took more than 300 photos on our 5-day trip, and I hope you enjoyed this sampling of our action.

Happy New Year!

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