Friday, April 9, 2010

Friendships & Hospitality

This has been a very busy, exhausting week for me.  Because of work schedules, I've been on my own each evening this week and so the housework and routine cleaning have fallen behind. 

Faith has become extremely social and I want to encourage her to enjoy having friends over.  So we have invited some sweet little ones over for playtime and have made several batches of cupcakes!
Faith & Emma making cupcakes.
Enjoying the 'fruits' of their labor!
Emma's brothers came, too!
Our neighbor, friend and car-pool companion - Sydnie!
Faith seems to idolize this "older" girlfriend.
More cupcakes (this time in the Easy Bake Oven).

Even though it really isn't always convenient, I so want my children to be comfortable having their friends at our home...I want them to be confident asking to have friends over.

We all have so much fun, I'm always glad I did!

Speaking of the carpool...
Can you see Jake holding a daffodil out the sunroof?
That was for me.
I love the days W brings him home from school and I can meet him with a big smile, bigger hug and yummy snacks.  What a great little man I have!

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