Monday, February 8, 2010

Cooking with Faith

I just love cooking with my children.  Jake has enjoyed it for a long time, but Faith is newer to the fun.  Lately she wants to help me with every meal.  I've been using the slow cooker lots because it seems so fast and has easy clean-up.  So Faith was excited to work on this spaghetti sauce with me.
Then she decided she would be shy -
and wanted to take pictures of me!

By the time the sauce was done, the spice cabinet was empty!
I've been getting Crock Pot recipes here:


Sonia Bray said...

My son isn’t very interested in cooking, he’s usually too busy playing to help. I’d love to change that though!

Jaime M. Cranmer said...

Can’t wait to try the recipes for Passover!! Thanks for the great recipes. I appreciate it so much!!UpdateLand

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