Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Fair Park

We were able to go Knoxville's World Fair Park over the weekend.  There is a lot to do with water fountains, playgrounds, music, vendors, inflatables and more. 
Jake was ready to jump right in!
Faith was content to snack on the sidelines
Then she wanted to join the fun.

Notice how Faith is leaping up in the photo below - I love it!
Such good times!

Caleb's face describes what he thought of the fountains.  "Don't like it," he kept repeating.
Then he wandered...
That little speck - yes, that's him.  Mommy was watching the whole time, I was just sure he would get insecure and come back on his own.  But I finally had to shout, "Too far!  Too far!"

We headed over to a playground to wrap things up.
They get so blonde in the summertime!

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