Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Luciousness

Bee Balm was our first flower from "scratch" this year.
By 'scratch,' I mean that we grew from the ground up - not counting the already blooming impatiens and geraniums purchased from the garden center.  By the way, did you know Lowe's has a clearance on plants that are not in their prime?  I discovered the section this month and got some perennials for under $1.

And here is our first zinnia from last year's seeds.  Soon we should have lots of these! We also planted marigolds and sunflowers.  Oh and the repeated years of morning glories.

Along our back fence, the neighbors have peach and plum trees.
We get to have whatever dangles over to our side - aren't they pretty?

The plums aren't yet ripe.

Jake started a greenhouse in kindergarten where he planted green beans and pumpkin.
We actually did plant them in the ground and there are green beans ripening!  He's quite pleased, we put his "greenhouse" out by his spot to mark his efforts.  Even the pumpkin vine is taking root...and he is sure we will harvest our own Halloween pumpkins.  Mommy's feeling the pressure!

We will have cherry tomatoes soon.
Faith opted to plant zuchini and I don't have a photo - no flowers on it yet.
A last look at the peaches, I just think they're so pretty!

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Anonymous said...

Just stopped by from In Courage to see your lovely family! What a nice blog and fam you have! Sent up a prayer for you all. Enjoy the day!

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