Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh No!

While talking on the phone with Mindy, I saw the evidence...
Faith & Jake heard me schedule a haircut for Faith tomorrow evening and beat me to the punch!
It was SHORT (to the ears) on the right and left sides, the piggy tail cut off.
Thankfully, my hair salon took us as a last minute walk-in, even though they usually close at 5:00 pm (it was 5:25 when we arrived).
She's cute, of course, but I was thinking of a trim, just below the shoulder blades.
We ended up with and earlobe-length bob.
Here's a recent "before" picture:
She is worried that she looks "silly" and I assured her she does not.  Truly, she looks cute and quite grown up.  I'm sure it will be much easier to maintain and it looks surprisingly thick with all the stragly ends cut off.  As I stroked her head, secretly missing the long locks, I thought of the mothers who have little ones that lost their hair from cancer treatment.  Our cousin donates her hair to a "Locks of Love" charity and I'm grateful for my little girl's health and even her new pixie hairdo - still, it is a shocking change!

UPDATE: Faith has confessed that she cut her own hair.  It's growing on me, now and it super-easy to style for summer.

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Jennifer said...

oh, I think she looks ADORABLE!! You are right, she looks quite grown up!!!

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